Imagine this, Huskers fans.

You have a $21 million a year job. What do you do?

Take a trip to Hawaii? Buy a vacation house? Maybe purchase a massive yacht to spend your free time on?

I've never had a job that has paid me more than minimum wage, so it's hard for me to imagine what I would do if I was making that kind of money.

But the answer for Joe Moglia seemed simple.

The CEO of TD Ameritrade, the largest online brokerage firm, stepped down.

Moglia fought his way up the corporate ladder for 17 years at Merrill Lynch and then took a job as chief executive officer at little-known Ameritrade Holding Corp.

In his seven years as CEO the company saw its assets grow from $24 billion to over $300 billion. The company produced five consecutive years of record earnings and was able to absorb two of its biggest competitors. 

Moglia cited the desire to pursue other interests for his reason to step down.

That other interest? Coaching college football.

Moglia now works as the executive advisor to the head coach for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

He gives financial advice to graduating students and occasionally helps set them up with internships.The guy who used to be in charge of managing other people's assets is now an asset to the Huskers.

Why does Moglia do it? Coaching is his passion, according to him, and he has all the money he could ever need.

So why not?

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